Saturday, 23 June 2012

now online for free - episode six of The Nothing To Do With Anything Show!

‎'Great use of sound effects, and the silliest script ever' (The Observer) 'Best comedy podcast I've heard in ages' (Pick of The Pods website), Chortle Podcast of the Week. And so as the sun sinks slowly in Nahdenshire, we bring you the last podcast in our cube-filled series. In this indie special, hear the new single by Fractious Nit, and an interview with special guest pop star buffoon Rex Twix. Madonna and Morrissey will be arguing in the kitchen, and there's another mention of New Malden, as well as an uncanny reference to steam engines. With Greg Haiste and Anna Emerson. x http://​​06/​john-dredge-nothing-to-do-with-​anything_20.html

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