Wednesday, 15 April 2015

podcast preparation continues

Work continues on my new series of weird comedy podcasts and that.  We are now looking for strange sound effects, the like of which you have never heard if not more so.  Also my good friend and part-time wig repairer to the House of Lords, Joseph Champniss, has come up with a excellent YouTube trailer for the show which will be on that very 'site de web' (as the French say) at some point in time, possibly both.  I'm also trying to think of places in the press where they promote podcasts - if anyone knows do get in touch.

We're also lining up stars of Stage, Screen and Horticultural Society Annual Dinner Dance for the new series including:

Greg Haiste - fresh from his West End stint in The 39 Steps. He played Step No 38.
Anna Emerson - of Radio Four comedy series Mission Improbable, she has exactly the same name as other people called Anna Emerson.
Mark Davison -  comedy actor, person in adverts and winner of many made-up awards.
James Shakeshaft - standup comedian, sit down actor and squat thrust trainee.
Katy Slater - actress with many wok-based skills, and part owner of a part exchange.
Richard Cray - voice man, producer and purveyor of unsuccessful aquatic golfing equipment

These are just some of the people you have never heard of who might or might not be working towards a greater future for you and your podcast listening.  Coming soon....


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