Sunday, 5 January 2014

another nice visit

Took the train to New Malden to visit my old friend Donald Quotttson (see pic). Donald has a very interesting job which involves attaching twigs to pebbles but apparently it is all very hush-hush.  No further information was gleaned about this, despite using my brand new gleaning equipment.  Donald is also one of New Malden's leading sound effects collectors, and he played me the only known recording of a biscuit tin being fired from a cannon into a vat of mungbeans. He's come a long way since his collection consisted of 'door opening' and 'man on horse.'  Donald and I had a lovely chat about the old days, concentrating on the proterozoic era. Then sadly it was time to go, and with a cheery wave I bade him farewell, got in his car and drove home. Apparently he wants it back. So much for friendship.  

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