Monday, 13 January 2014

teatray news

Yesterday at round or about 3.22pm and 3 seconds(approx) I noticed a teatray in the street.  Concerned for it's welfare, I immediately phoned the Teatray Bureau three months later.  Since then I'm glad to say that since then the tray has been returned to its worried owner since then.  But here now is a run-down of the regular Teatray Bureau staff in case you have a similar occurrence:

Ron Ligtonbyyy - Chief Teatray Scuttler
If your teatray needs scuttling, Ron's your man.  If you don't, leave him alone - he gets enough hassle as it is.

Timothy Ohns - Teatray Information Gathererer
Timothy houses, harbours and harvests a plethora of non-valuable teatray information.  Why not give him a call using some sort of phone?

Gladys Tinp - Teatray Decongealer
If your teatray is, was, or has been congealing due to the recent happenings, Gladys can help you at a reduced rate.  As well as bags of congealment knowledge, she is also a fully qualified Trekkie (Nimoy Award).

Contact them today and render YOUR teatray collection viable before it's too late.

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