Monday, 3 October 2011

yobi tv competition

am in the finals of some weird online comedy contest - why not vote for me if you can work it out...which i can't...

new completely weird comedy podcast series commencing on wednesday


Coming on Wednesday to internet station 404 FUNNY, the first of a brand new holdall-packed series of five-minute podcasts recorded in special ‘Sound-o-Noise.’  Yes it’s THE PROGRAMME SHOW featuring Frinton’s answer to somebody else - me.
Listen in and find out the significance of the mungbean storage unit.
Thrill to the guest appearances of a man called Clive.*
Discover exactly how many types of cube there are in YOUR town.
Produced by producers of productions, this never-to-be-ironed series comes free with an unusual hoist.
The Programme Show will keep YOU in loam for literally years to come.
Listen to it – before IT listens to YOU!
Tune in to 404 Funny on Wednesday or tune into this page for further details.
*Clive appears by kind permission of Ronald.  Who Ronald appears by kind permission of we simply don't know.