Monday, 10 July 2017

New Song From Allegedly Classic Pop Duo

Pop duo The Dredge Hibbett Conunundrum formed in 1982 near Mungbean-on-Thames in the UK, Engerland, inspired by groups such as Bunsen Burner Breakdown, Whose Legs Are These? and Ornithologist Overdrive. The group consisted of singer/parking meter attendant John Dredge, guitarist/biscuitologist Mark Hibbett, and Rex Harrison (no relation) who left due to a disagreement over how many people could be in a duo.

During their initial run in 1982 they released two singles, Twig of Doom and Wait Till Irving Becomes Rotund on Pigflip Records, which sold over nine copies. The duo split up after becoming involved in a fight with their manager and a spaniel, but got back together when Pigflip put out a compilation of songs about teacakes, including the Conunundrum classic 'Fondant Fancy Fandango.' A sudden burst of recording, undertaken without the duo's knowledge, resulted in their first full-length album Have We Become Insipid? and a tour of Woking followed, followed by another tour of Woking due to an administrative error.

And now The Dredge Hibbett Conunundrum can be heard on Listen to the Bands, the Monkees tribute album from 7a Records! Their contribution The Day We Fall In Love was recorded over a three-year period. When questioned as to why it took so long, John replied that he was a perfectionist, although this trait is certainly not evident on the final 7a recording. Why not watch their new video anyway?