Sunday, 26 February 2017


I haven't blogged since last year thus now I rectify said blogging contrafibularities forthwith.  Plinge.

Today I was listening to wonder broadcaster Danny Baker on the Radio Today podcast. I reckon he could easily get on TalkRadio if he wanted.  Most peculiar that Radio 2 didn't like him - probably meaning one person didn't like him.  The world of radio continues to confound innit.

Am doing some sort of live podcast for Comic Relief next month, one hour's nonsensical ramblings as part of the Southampton Super-Pod. Looking forward to burbling on with ace nutcase Andy Harland and our cat, Norrington.  I think our double-act could go places this year.  Places like Scarborough, Whitley Bay and Pobblehume.

Pondering going to Iain Lee's Performance Ring this evening where he generously showcases new acts - Andy and I did the first one and had a blast.  I think I was possibly the first person to push a wheelbarrow across the stage in that particular venue.  But then again who knows what tonight will holdddddddddddd?

I was watching an old Tiswas yesterday which brought back lots of fun memories.  Mainly of watching Tiswas.  Of the old team, Tarrant's probably done the best with his long boring train documentaries that are on at the moment, although he was never better than when hosting the Saturday morning madhouse.  Lenny Henry's still at the top but again I think he was best on that kids show.  They never spoke down to their audience, which marked them out as something special back then.  I remember when Tiswas finished, the next week Isla St Clair was on with something called The Saturday Show and I couldn't understand why it was nowhere near as good.  Looking back, few things were ever as good.

I sometimes wonder exactly where I fit into 2017.  Perhaps into a small holdall in the corner of the living room.

I must now leave you to return to my home planet of Vulcan.  Live long and prosper, and don't forget to put the cat out.