Sunday, 8 February 2015

Seven Top Ten Job Interview Tips

It's that time of year when many of us are thinking of looking for a new job, otherwise known as 'every day'. Here are seven top 10 tips to help you with that all-important so-called 'job interview.'

1. Find out where the interview is due to take place. If you don't know, it will be very difficult to get there on the day. Once you know the location, do a practice run. Even a practice walk will be better than nothing.

2. Be prepared. Take along your own table and chair in case none are provided. Bring a newspaper to read during unnecessarily long questions. A packet of Monster Munch may also prove useful. Don't forget to offer them round!

3. Emphasize your strengths. Are you a natural communicator? If so, it might be a good idea to avoid applying for a government position.

4. Make a confident first impression. March into the room claiming you are of royal stock, before standing on the table and shouting 'Victory is mine!' Then salute smartly and fall sideways onto the floor. This will show you have a sense of humour.

5. If your opening handshake does not go as planned, and results in a window being broken, distract the interviewer with a farmyard impression of your choice. These personal touches can really make a difference.

6. Because of initial nervousness, you may not hear or remember the names of your interview panel, so simply refer to them all as 'Basil'.

7. Employers are often looking for youthful candidates, so repeatedly use phrases such as "Wassup?" and "What you talking 'bout, Willis?"

By following this advice, you can turn yourself into a candidate who would not look out of place in an institution.